Tuna with wasabi cream and soy sauce 
Homemade Mozzarella cheese with olive oil and sea salt 
Goose liver mousse with wine ice cream 
Spiced flan with minced oyster 
Scallop with ricotta cheese 
Sardine with pancetta and coriander


Sauvignon Blanc 2004- to match with first dish 
Rhone Hermitage 2003- to match with second dish 
Bourgogne Jean-Marc Pillot 2003-to match with third dish 
Szekszardi Bikaver 2003 (Hungary wine, bulls blood)-to match with forth dish


 First dish-- 
Shortly fried minced blue fin tuna and tempura of langoustines, avocado cream, 
sancho pepper and ice cooled cucumber jelly 
Second dish-- 
Scallops with belly bacon, 
artichoke/truffle tapioca (starch) and juice of porcini mushrooms (cèpes) 
Third dish-- 
Grilled sole with balsamic vinegar juice, cream of Jerusalem artichokes and Parmesan foam 
Forth dish-- 
Anjou pigeon cooked on low temperature with ravioli of salsify, lentils and goose liver. 
Spring rolls of the legs, truffle jelly and pigeon juice


White wine ice cream covered with chocolate mousse 
Pineapple glass ball filled with olive oil 
Pineapple mousse topped with minced apple 
Foam, topped with walking yogurt 
Pineapple jelly 
Fresh grapefruit and orange with Tangerine sorbet à la mode 
Passion fruit together with Brazia rum sorbet and lemon ice cream 
Pomelo ice cream


 Petit Fours 
Pistachio ice cream 
Exotic fruit cocktail 
Gin ice cream and grenadine (syrup) 
Pearl with quince (kind of pear) mousse






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