Poggio Scalette 2003 white wine

Frogs legs stuffed with melting onion, rolled in pancetta bacon, served with beetroot and honey garlic, carrot salad with thyme and caviar 
Two ways of foie gras, one cooked in broth, the other in brown butter sauce with honey and chestnut

First dishes
Risotto with lobster, artichokes and orange peel 
Ravioli made from almond flavored flour, stuffed with Taleggio, with pumpkin cream and black truffle from Norcia

Second dishes
Grilled scallops and golden Barbine, cooked on its belly, served with fried ravioli, stuffed with puree of eggplant and oregano 
Fillet of Mullet with fried foie gras, puree of artichokes from Jerusalem, sauce from Saba Parmense and black truffles from Norcia 

2 items each 30 euro, forget 




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