Egg plant ravioli and pata negra ham
Cucumber cappuccino
Cucumber caviar with horseradish 
Red wine
Côte du Rhone, J. Vida Fleury, 2001

Steak tartar, cream of anchovy, smoked beef and liver, buttered turnips
Fried langoustines, small polder apples, juice of sour beetroot, yogurt, poached quail egg and jelly of langoustine
Duck liver terrine with figs and honey, pan-fried liver with shallots and juice of red cabbage

Cake with marinated shrimps
Egg yolk on ox tongue salad served in an egg shell
Marinated olives with lardo di collonata
Cockles salad, watercress and capers
Smoked pigeon en brochette in a bowl of popcorn powder
Small pastry horn coated with black sesame seeds, stuffed with caviar of Japanese flying fish and minced mackerel
Appetizer croquette stuffed with eel served with piccalilli sauce

Main courses
Crispy fried sweetbreads, mousseline of white beans and apricot, potato bouquet and mustard sauce
Baked reebok, cream of Herve cheese, potato gnocchi, fried mushrooms and red wine reduction

Dessert amuses
Cappuccino of peach and Sichuan pepper and basil foam
Lavender tuile and caramelized orange

Gateau chaud of white chocolate, mango compote with lime and basil sorbet
Pure chocolate cake, chocolate soup and granny Smith sorbet
Queen’s roll of pineapple, cognac sorbet, hazelnut cream and sweet curry
Orange kletskop (traditional Dutch cookie), mango compote and white chocolate sorbet

They failed in sweetbread.




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